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Green Recruiting

Environmental Stewardship is a core part of our business strategy  AND we can show you how to make it a part of yours! 

What if every employee lived within ten miles of their work?  Think of it: Less Gas, Less Pollution, Less Traffic, Less Stress.  Plus, your employees will arrive on time, have better attendance and ultimately more production!

What's It Mean To Be Green?

Most new enthusiasts begin their green efforts simply, opting for the "low hanging fruit," the small steps that are easiest to implement.  For example:

  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Launching recycling programs
  • Choosing energy efficient technology
  • Carpooling


Because these green efforts are quick, low cost, and your actions have an almost immediate impact.

What's Next?

Further your green efforts and your current HR strategy by utilizing the services of an executive search firm that "recruits green."

Recruiting Green Is Easy...

Because we have a process, are willing to do the work & WE CARE ...

  • We work together to identify the background and experience that would bring the greatest value to your team.
  • We work together to identify the targets ... what companies are they with and what positions would they hold.
  • We co-create the most powerful message to demonstrate to top performers their best future lies with you and your company.
  • ExecuJob then systemically reaches out to each of those people living in a 10 mile radius to your company.

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